MACS will follow and abide by all rules set forth in the SPN rule book. The following are the exceptions that will over rule the SPN rule book and are unique to our league only.

    1. All Umpire decisions are final and there will be no arguing of the calls. The captain or captain designated is the only players allowed to discuss a decision with an umpire. Excessive arguing may result in an ejection. 
    2. The MACS Rules will be followed to govern eligibility of players in the league and during game play.
    3. If a player is ejected from the game, he/she and the team captain must leave the park within 5 minutes.  An ejected player not leaving the park will result in a forfeit for their team.
    4. Jewelry will be permitted with in reason. If the Umpire deems the jewelry as a hazard to you or to other player you must take it off or be call out.
    5. All score sheets are to be completely filled out (date, team names and score) signed by the umpire and submit a copy to the league executives.
    6. A defensive line consisting of an arch of 170' from home plate shall be used.  No outfielder (minimum of 4) is allowed in front of the line until the ball is hit.
    7. No throw on any play at first base from any one of the 4 designated outfielders on the batter. In addition, no relays may be made to get the batter out in which the outfielder made the 1st play.
    8. All players have to wear their team jerseys.  Anyone trying to play without a jersey will be ejected from the game so make sure that your players are aware of this because there will not be any exceptions.
    9. Absolutely no contesting calls - Umpires decision is final.
    10. Distance from the pitcher's mound to the plate is 50'. The pitcher can pitch from 50’ to 65’
      • The arc of the ball must be between 6' and 12'; anything outside of these requirements will be called an illegal pitch by the umpire.
      • The umpire will signal and say "Illegal pitch."  If the ball is swung at, the play will stand. If the ball is not swung at a ball will be added to the count. The umpire only has to say it loud enough for the catcher and the batter to hear.
    12. A "commitment" line will be drawn 20' from the front left corner of home plate.
    13. A safe line will be drawn from the front left corner of home plate to the screen.
      • If the runner touches the commit line he/she must continue onto home plate.  Returning to third base after having touched the "commitment" line will result in the runner being called out.
      • The runner can only cross the safe line and may not touch home plate or the board.  Touching either the home plate or the board will result in the runner being called out.
      • Because of the above rule, all plays at home will be a force play the runner cannot be tagged between home and the "commitment" line. If a player is tagged between home and the "commitment" line the umpire will call time and the runner will be called safe and all other play will end.
      • Defensive team player may only stand on the front portion of the plate to record the out.
    14. The catcher must attempt to make the 1st play at home plate. In past years we have seen the pitcher or another infielder run to home and make the play. This is no longer allowed. If the throw is offline and the catcher goes to retrieve it, another player may now cover the plate and make a play
    15. There will be a double base at first (white/orange). The white portion shall be completely in fair territory; the orange portion shall be completely in foul territory.
      • If there is no play at first base the runner can use either portion of the double base.
      • If there is a play at first base, the defensive player must play and make contact with some part of the white portion of the double base, and the runner must play and make contact with some part of the orange portion of the double base.
      • A fly ball, not a line drive, which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd are occupied with less than two outs.
      • The umpire will signal and say "Infield fly: if fair, the batter is out".
      • Runners may advance at their own risk after tagging up.
      • NOTE: The play does not have to be made on the infield for this rule to be in effect
    17. All teams must have a minimum of 7 of their own players and will be allowed to pick up 3 substitute players (from league players only) to a maximum of 10 players in total.  
      • All teams should field 3 women at all times.  Teams are allowed to start with 2 women, with an auto-out in the lineup, and can only have 9 on the field.
      • Less than the minimum (7) players requirement will result in a forfeit. no Exceptions
      • There is a 10 minute grace period from regular scheduled game start time. Once the grace time has been used up the umpire will call the game. If the teams still want to play they can without umpires but the forfeit will stand.
      • If a team starts a game with three women and one gets hurt and cannot continue, that team is then allowed to play with two women.  The teams will then play with 9 defenders and the missing player becomes an automatic out.  This rule applies for both the regular season and the playoffs.  
      • Effective in playoffs only: Minimum of 9 roster players. Picking up substitutions will not be permitted.
      • THERE WILL BE NO ROTATING GIRLS THROUGH THE LINEUP. ANY TEAM THAT DOES THIS WILL BE GIVEN A LOSS FOR EACH GAME FOUND. This is not open for an umpire or other team captain allowing it.
    1. All Call Up players must be made prior to the start of the game. You can not pick up a player during the game. If your team members come late they must be slotted in for the replacement players first.
    2. Teams cannot borrow players 2 divisions higher than their division. Eg. C division teams cannot borrow from teams that are in A division.
    3. Players coming late will not be permitted to enter the game once the start of the 5th inning is underway unless a substitution is made.
    4. The batting order will consist of no more than 3 men in a row. If a team has more than 3 male batters in a row they will be assessed an automatic out. There will be no exceptions.
    5. Anticipation steps are permitted.  The runner cannot leave the base until the ball crosses the plate or makes contact with the bat. (Two to three steps maximum.)
    6. Sliding is only permitted at 2nd or 3rd base.  NO SLIDING AT HOME PLATE OR FIRST BASE, unless retreating to first base.
    7. Courtesy runners are allowed for a batter once they reach first base safely to a maximum of 4 courtesy runners per game. Legal substitutions are male for male, female for female and female for male base runner. If a courtesy runner is on base when their turn at bat comes up you will be required to use another courtesy runner to replace them.  
    8. Excessive force used at any base will result in an automatic out and ejection from the game and possible expiation from the league based on the umpire's discretion.
    9. A mercy rule or 7 runs per inning is in effect EXCEPT for the final inning.  Game mercy will be winning team up by 12 runs after 5 innings.
    10. There is a limit of 4 courtesy runners per game.  No substitute runners unless player is removed from the game.
    11. All regular season games that end in a tie will stay as a tie.
    12. A game is considered "regulation" if the team scoring fewer runs has completed five innings at bat.
      • If a game is not regulation (must be called due to playing conditions), the game will be deemed a tie.
      • No play will be allowed during an electrical storm.
      • No new inning will start after 1 hour and 15 minutes from scheduled game start time.
    13. If a male batter is walked with a female batter up next, he will be awarded 2 bases and the female will bat. If a male batter is walked and a male is up next, he will only be awarded 1 base with the next male batting. The next batter must be on deck. If they are not it will only be a 1 base award whether or not it is a male or female batter. 
    14. Match plus 2 homerun rule is in effect this year. No team will be allowed to be more than 2 homeruns up before the other team hits one. When the team that is 2 homeruns up hits a 3rd one out of the diamond it will be deemed an out.
    15. The defensive placement for all infielders when any person comes to bat is no closer than the base line.      
    16. Any team found with open alcohol in any area in which MACS hold a permit during any SPN sanctioned game will be given a written warning by the MACS executive. Any offense after a warning will be suspended from the league for 3 games. No exceptions. The same applies to marijuana or any other illegal drug.
    17. If the Umpire deems you to be under the influence, you will be asked to leave the game for safety regulations. You must leave the game immediately and you spot in the lie up will be an automatic out. If the ejection causes your team to not meet the standard rules of forfeit, your team will forfeit the game and be subject to the forfeit rules.
    18. Eligible player - to be an eligible player to play in a league game you must have filled in and signed the SPN online waiver and paid all required fees. All moneys must be paid in full prior to the first game to play. If a player is found to be a non league member and is playing under a league members name that team will forfeit the game and the team captain will be suspended for 5 games long with the player whose name was used. If it is determined that at some point this person played in a different game and can be verified the offending team will forfeit that game. If this happens a second time the team captain will be suspended for the remainder of the year.
    19. Set up and take down of the diamonds will be the responsibility of the umpires. The diamonds must be set up prior to the scheduled start time.
    20. There is a 10 minute grace period for your team to be ready. If the grace time has passed then it is a forfeit to the team not ready.
    21. All players must play at least 8 games during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
    22. Bats must conform to the approved bat list on the SPN website. If the bat does not have the approved logos on the barrel, it will be deemed illegal and the batter will be called out. A warning will be given to the offending team and if the bat is used again by any player that player and the team captain will be ejected from the game. See next page for the logo’s that are approved. In addition please see the SPN Website for additional bats that are illegal that fall under the 1st exception.